About musicblog2

musicblog2 is a music review site that seeks to expand the definition of what "good" music is. Too often, indie review sites look down on albums that are mainstream, and mainstream review sites completely ignore independent music. musicblog2 seeks to be a middle ground where the music isn't judged based on its origin, but rather by its quality. 

This site's title was chosen for two main reasons: first, the albums Pop 2 by Charli XCX and Puberty 2 by Mitski are great. The name musicblog2 is, in a way, an homage to them (and every other piece of great music with the number 2 in it). Second, the domain name was cheap.

The site was started by Dylan Clausen in December of 2019 after his friend Camille told him that making too many playlists and posting countless songs to his Instagram story wasn't productive. Dylan is a junior at Dartmouth College studying government and English. This blog is an attempt to encourage himself to write more (and hold himself accountable to an audience in the process). Dylan enjoys running, his leopard print jacket, coming of age movies, and pop culture. He hates writing in third person. He hopes you like this. 

19 • 12 • 2019